Minecraft enchantment commands: Guide to use them

This blog post is about enchanting in Minecraft using commands. In Minecraft, there are various commands with their amazing utilities and purpose, for example, you can change the game rules, your game mode, give experience, kill mobs, replace/remove/fill blocks wherever you want. But, we are going to focus on Minecraft enchantment commands only in this post :

minecraft enchanting command weapons armor
Room with enchanted armory, weapons and items

Simple guide to enchanting items using Minecraft enchanting commands


[Some of readers might not know about basic enchanting, this section is for them]

You can ‘enchant’ your weapons, gears, and few items(such as ‘flint and steel’, ‘shear’). You can do that by using an enchanting table and/or using anvil with an enchanting book.

Enchanting using enchanting table –

For crafting an enchantment table, you will need a crafting table(3*3 grid), 4 blocks of obsidian, 2 diamonds, and a book. That’s all you will need to craft an enchanting table.

Arrange the items in the following way to craft it.

To enchant using an enchanting table, you will require Lapis Lazuli.

How to find Lapis Lazuli ore?

Lapis lazuli

Easy answer: Go mine below Y level 32 preferably at 17-19. Lapis Lazuli is rare but they have a good drop rate and can be mined with a stone pickaxe or above. When used with a fortune 3 pickaxe, it can drop up to 20 lapis.

Enchanting using Anvil –
Enchanting using anvil
Enchanting using anvil

Anvils may look costly if you do not have an iron farm but they are totally worth it. It can be used to name items, repair damaged weapons, tools, and armory without losing their enchantments and also can be used to enchant items using an enchanted book.

repairing diamond swords with anvil
Repairing diamond sword using anvil

Done with the basics of enchanting, let us move to the real topic which is Minecraft enchantment commands.

Enchant Command

To use this command, you need to have cheats enabled on your world else it won’t work as this is cheating but cheating is fun some times.

So, before enchanting an item you will have to select it in and keep it in the right hand of your character and then type in this command

/enchant <player name> <Enchantment ID> <Enchantment Level> 

Here /enchant is the command.

Enchantment id is the enchantment you want on your item like Silk touch or Mending.

Enchantment level is the level of enchantment you want like Fire Aspect 2 or Power 4.

You can find all available enchantment here.

For example, let me show you how to enchant a sword. I use the following command to get sharpness 3 on my sword without any need of enchanting table

/enchant <playername> minecraft:sharpness 3
minecraft enchantment command

After pressing, enter you will see a success message as in the image below

minecraft diamond sword after enchantment

I hope this helps if there is any issue, feel free to comment down.

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