How to reset the nether for Minecraft nether update?

You might be wondering whether resetting or deleting the nether is possible or not. Yes, it is possible and very easy to do and can easily be done by anyone with not so much technical knowledge required. Read the full article to understand how to reset the nether.

Minecraft Nether update: Why reset the nether world for the update?

The most awaited update of Minecraft, the Nether Update is coming this year and very soon. Mojang is still giving us the snapshots which are filled with amazing new content and changes in the game mechanics with the most recent being changes in Redstone working and new target block.

The most important aspects of this update are the new biomes and the new building structures like the Bastions. Many players who have been playing on the previous version and planning to switch to 1.16 when nether update rolls out will face a big problem which is not able to find the new biomes and new structures.

This is because the chunks where the new structures were going to spawn is already loaded. So they won’t update. Finding the new chunks will consume quite a time and will be too far from your home. Also, you will lose the buildings and biomes and most importantly ‘Ancient Debris’ which could have spawned in those chunks. That’s a big loss!

Precautions before following the guide!

  • All your structures from nether will be deleted, for example, any farm or building you made(A small price to pay for salvation)
  • Make sure none of your valuables such as pets, diamonds are inside the nether.
  • Make Sure no player is inside the nether world.

How to reset the nether world?

It is very simple to do and does not takes much of your time. To show you guys how to delete the nether, I am creating a test world named “Delete_nether”.

creating world

After creating the world, i spawned and made a nether portal.

Nether Portal in overworld

After I created this, I went to the nether and made this smile 🙂 emoticon just so that after I reset the nether, it will be gone and it will prove that nether actually got reset.

Nether smile

Steps to follow

Being done with this, now time to show how to reset the nether. You will have to look for the saves folder in .minecraft in the AppData folder. Here is an easy way to do that. Head over to your settings inside Minecraft. Click on resource packs as shown.

It will open file explorer and take you to the Minecraft’s resource pack folder. Get one directory back and find the saves folder inside the .minecraft. Open it and find your world which for this guide is ‘Delete_nether’.


Find the world whose nether you want to reset. Open the world folder, you will see various folders, don’t make any changes it can cause harm to your Minecraft world so don/t touch them unless you know what you’re doing.

What we are interested in here is the DIM- 1 folder inside your ‘world-name’folder which in this case is ‘Delete_nether’. All you gotta do is delete the DIM- 1 folder.

And that’s it.

In the image, you can see the smile I made is gone and the lava is falling for the first time as the chunks loaded for the first time.

after reset nether

You go back to your nether world and everything is reset. Your old structures are gone and if you are doing this when switching from older version to 1.16 snapshots you will start seeing the new biomes and structures as well.

How to reset the nether on your Minecraft server?

Being an admin server and maintaining the server can be a tough job at times. People may complain about the server lagging/ Well I can help you with that. resetting the nether can help reduce the server lag since flowing lava causes too much lag and over time players mistakenly end up creating a lot of them.

Deleting the nether on server can seem like a hard job if you don;t know how it works. I will try to keep it simple. All you have to do is download your world from the server. It will probably be in a .zip format. Using Winrar or any other tool you prefer. open the zip.

Then locate the saves folder and follow the same steps i mentioned before.

After deleting the DIM- 1 folder. upload the zip file to your server and it’s done.

Feel free to comment if you face any issue.

Thank you! Have a great day

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