How to make a saddle in Minecraft

In this post, we will be talking all about saddles in Minecraft and tell how to make a saddle and/or how to find a saddle in Minecraft. Stay tuned with us and keep reading to find out!

What is a saddle?

Saddle is an in-game item in Minecraft. It can be used to ride mobs like pig, strider, horses and mules in Minecraft. This allows the players to travel faster in the game when they are beginning to play.

Saddles in Minecraft

So you are watching your favourite Youtuber’s or Twitch Streamer play Minecraft, you watch them riding their magnificent tamed horse and wandering off to great adventures.

You want to do the same go ride a horse in Minecraft. You go and try to ride a horse in Minecraft, but you are not able to control it. The game will allow you to ride the horse only for a few seconds.

This is where saddles come into play. In Minecraft, saddles have been a great part of transportation in Minecraft for a long time. It allows the player to control mobs which can be ridden such as horse, pig, donkey, mule, and skeleton horses.

In the new nether update, a new mob ‘Strider’, which can be found in the nether realm, you can stride on lava with a saddle over them.

As you can see, saddle is an important and helpful item in Minecraft as it gives the player the ability for faster transportation around their world.

How to make a saddle

Many beginners believe just like most items in Minecraft, saddles can be crafted too. This misconception is mostly because of fake images of crafting recipes all around the internet.

But you have seen the images and people using them, how can it be fake? Those are custom recipes which are created using data packs or mods.

The sad truth for you is:

Saddles cannot be made in original Minecraft. They can only be found in chests.

Worry not as there are various different methods to obtain those wonderful saddles in Minecraft.

How to make a saddle in Minecraft using commands

To obtain a saddle using commands, you will need to have cheats enabled in your Minecraft world. When creating the world, you can choose to allow cheats in your world.

Do not worry if you have not done that.

When inside your Minecraft world, go to settings and then open to LAN and allow cheats. That’s it, now. you can cheat in your world.

The command to get saddle is:

/give @player_name saddle 1

The digit at the end is the number of saddles you want. You can also use this on your server but you will need to be OP on the server.

How to make a saddle in Minecraft: [Finding it]

You can find saddles in Minecraft easily but it requires patience, a little bit of luck and some exploration. There are three ways of finding saddle Minecraft survival without any use of cheats.

Those are by finding them in dungeons, or in nether fortresses or by fishing. In the new nether update, Bastion Remnants is added. There us a chance to find saddles in the loot chests. Allow me to explain each of the methods by which you won’t face any problems and find saddles easily in your survival world

Finding Saddles in dungeons

There are chances to find saddles in the chest inside the dungeons. You can find one or two chests inside a dungeon in Minecraft.

But how do you identify the Minecraft dungeons?

In case you did not know about dungeons, they are rooms with spawners (spiders, skeletons and zombie) inside of them. These rooms have always 1 or 2 chests with decent loot including saddle. Generally, you can find dungeons inside caves.

Pro tip :

Cover all open sides of the spawner with torches to prevent the spawner from spawning mobs. Else you will be overwhelmed with the number of mobs spawning inside that room.

Do not destroy the spawner. It can be used to create good beginner XP farms and also for the specific drops you will get.

Finding saddles in Nether Fortresses

Nether Fortress

Nether fortress is one of the crucial parts of the game. It is the only place in the game where you can find blazes and wither skeletons.

From blazes, we get the blaze rods which are used in brewing potions and making eye of ender and, thus, the Ender Dragon. From Wither Skeleton, we get the very rare wither skull which is used to spawn the wither boss and finally obtain the Nether Star which can be used to make the beautiful and useful Beacon.

Besides this, we also find chests with decent loot like diamonds, gold and saddle. You also find flint and steel sometimes.

To find a Nether Fortress, you will first need to go to the Nether World. In order to that, you will need to make a nether portal. If you have mot already made one, then you will need obsidian and create the portal frame and lit it up using flint and steel.

Finding nether fortress is easy. Generally, they can be found inside 100 blocks in North or South direction. If you find no success, then, try going east or west.

Try increasing your render distance to find them quickly as sometimes they can be hidden in nether fog or maybe just not being rendered.

Cheat: Player can use the following command to locate Nether fortress but do not teleport there in survival mode as you can teleport into open place and fall into the lava.

/locate Fortress

After the command returns the coordinates of the nearest fortress, you can walk to there as it would not be too far from your location.

Wander safely in the Fortress and find your saddles,

Finding saddles in Bastion Remnants

Bastion Remnants are one of the newest building structures which are going to be added into the new 1.16 nether update coming this year. These buildings not only are dangerously beautiful but the loot inside them is worth the risk.

how to craft a saddle : Bastion Remnant

There is a chance to find saddle in those chests. Well, saddle is not the only loot you will find here.

Enchanted Gold gears, weapons and Soul Speed Enchanted books are among the other valuable loot you can find in Bastion Remnants.

How to craft a saddle: bastion remnant loot

Be safe on your venture to Bastion Remnants. Piglins will attack you if you are not wearing any Golden Armour. Also, if you try to open chests or mine either gold block or nether gold ore around them, they will grow agro and attack you.

Be prepared for hoglins as well. Hoglins spawn in bastion remnants too. They can fling or throw the player up causing some good damage. Open spaces around the bastion remnants make them scarier because you may fall into the lava.

Bring a fire resistance potion if you would like to be on safe side just in case anything bad happens.

Finding saddle through fishing

In Minecraft by fishing, you not only get different type of edible fishes but items such as Enchanted Books and saddles as well.

By fishing, you can get two types of items in Minecraft termed as fish, junk and treasure. When fishing, there is an 85% chance of catching a fish, 10% chance of catching a junk and a 5% chance of catching treasure.

How to craft a saddle : find using fishing

You can increase the chances of getting treasure by adding Luck of the Sea enchantment to the fishing rod. As the level of enchantment increases, the chances of getting a treasure increases.

We want the treasure because saddle is included in the treasure loot.

You can increase your chances by enchanting your fishing rod with the Luck of the Sea enchantment.

Higher the level of enchantment, better the chances of getting treasure and thus better chances of getting a saddle

You can also add the Lure Enchantment to your fishing rod. It will reduce the time bobber takes to dip and thus increases the rate of catching a saddle.

My personal suggestion: Make an AFK fishing farm. They are easy to make and use and gives amazing loot. For players in 1.15.2 or earlier, the design is compact.

In nether update, the fishing farm becomes complex since the mechanics have changed.

Try making this farm made by Xisuma. It works perfectly.

Finding saddle in Desert Temple

Players can find desert temple in Minecraft. These structures look like a pyramid with two small towers in front. These structures are made out of sandstone and are generated in desert biomes.

You can find 4 loot chests in desert temple. If you have already found a Desert temple but did not find any chests because they are hidden below the temple.

There is at least a 15% chance of finding a saddle in each of the loot chests. Finding the desert temple is not very hard. First, You will just need to find a desert biome. Explore the biome, you will surely find a desert temple.

Beware of the trap below the temple. There is a pressure plate if you press it, It will activate 9 TNTs below it and kill you and destroy all the loot inside the chests.

Destroy the pressure plate and you will be safe.

You can also use the locate command to find Desert temple in Minecraft.

/locate Desert_Pyramid

To use this command, you will need to have cheats enabled in your world. If not done, already you can do it from settings. I have explained it above.

Finding saddle inside a Blacksmith’s House

Try looking for villages. There’s a good chance that a village will have a Blacksmith. These houses have a chest inside of them and there is a 16% chance of finding saddle inside of them.

Try looking for villages, you might get lucky and find a saddle.

By allowing cheats, you can use the locate command to locate villages:

/locate Village

Finding saddle in Jungle Temple

Jungle temples are the jungle cousin of Desert Temple, haha.

These structures are found hidden in the tall jungle trees and bamboos in the Jungle Biomes. They have walls made of cobblestone and mossy cobblestone just like a dungeon. Do not get confused between them.

You can find two chests inside the jungle temple. One of them is hidden with a lever lock, you have to switch on/off three of the levers in a specific pattern to find the chest. If you don’t wanna do that just mine it out lol.

The second chest is hidden in the lower level of the temple. But, there is a try you have to face before getting it. There is a string which triggers a dispenser which throws an arrow at you. Breaking the Redstone dust or breaking the string will break the trap.

Like other building structures, you can locate this building with the help of the following command:

/locate Jungle_Pyramid

These were the ways to find saddles in minecraft.

How to makea saddle?

The answer is same and I showed you other ways of obtaining saddles in the game.

But, there is another way to obtain saddle as many as you want [and it’s not cheating] .

Trading a saddle from Villager

You can trade saddles from Leather Worker for emeralds.

This method is costly because you will need to do many trades before unlocking the saddle trade.

Turn a villager into Leather Worker

To obtain the saddle trade, you will first need to get a leather worker profession.

You need a villager with whom you have not done any trade before. If you made a trade with a villager, you won’t be able to change it’s profession.

After you find a fresh village, break its previous working station, in case villager already has a profession. This will cause the villager become jobless.

After you have a jobless villager, all you need to do is place a cauldron in front of the villager and this will turn it into a Leather Worker.

You will have to trade with the leatherworker a lot to turn it into master leatherworker after which it will unlock the saddle trade.

Using this method you can get as many saddles you want.

PRO Tip: Turn the leatherworker into a zombie and then cure him using splash potion of weakness and golden apple. After being cured, the trade price will be lowered. You can repeat the process and reduce the price up to 1 emerald each saddle.

Get a tamed horse with saddle using commands

If you just want a horse with a saddle, you can spawn one using the game commands[Cheats].

In order to this, you will need to have cheats enabled on your world or have the admin access if it’s a server.

Press T to open the chat window and then type in the following code :

/summon horse [pos] {Tame:1,SaddleItem:{id:saddle,Count:1}}

pos is the position where u want to spawn the horse( It is optional). If you leave it empty, it will spawn a horse right where you are.

Enter the command and you will have a beautiful tamed horse right in front of you!

Hope this guide helped.

Now go continue your journey and open every chest you see on your adventure.


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