Best GBA emulator for android [2020]

Hello Everyone! So recently I have been playing old games and their new modded version a lot. I have been playing mostly Pokemon GBA titles. Many people still don’t know they can play those games in their android devices so I decided to write over this and came with Best GBA emulator for Android Devices.


Everybody remembers that nostalgic feeling of playing ‘Mario’,’Pokemon’ and ‘The Legend of Zelda’ on their ‘Gameboy Advance‘. It will surely feel good to be able to play your favorite titles on your android device and yes you can do that. Back in the days when game technology was not so much developed, Game-boy was created which advanced later into Game-boy color (GBC) and then into Game Boy Advance (GBA) and so on.

Gameboy Advance

Most of the kids from the ’90s remember having GBC/GBA or at least remember their friends or cousins having it. It was one of the coolest things a kid could have at that time. Hearing about GBC/GBA surely feels our hearts and minds with those old beautiful memories.

You must be feeling like playing games again but finding GBA/GBC is nearly impossible as they are too old now and their production is nearly stopped. But that’s not gonna stop us from playing those awesome GBA titles. We present to you the 5 best GBA Emulator for Android devices which I have used for a quite long time but before that a small working of emulator in case you’re intersted.

Basic working of Emulator

You might be curious about how these emulators work. In simple words, they emulate the environment in which a game will run. It will create the environment and will act as the machine and create the same software and hardware required for a specific game to run.

They mimic and create a virtual console for the ROMs(games) and applications to run. Emulator BIOS allows the users to run games properly on the emulator. For example, you can run android apps on your Windows desktop or run android games through an emulator and even emulate consoles.

Best GBA Emulator for Android

5. John GBA – GBA emulator[Paid]

Cover art

John GBA is one of the oldest android GBA emulators and it still competes well enough. It comes loaded with many useful features like Customizable keys and zip file support which improves the overall experience. Required hardware requirements are quite low 1.0 GHz Dual-core and 1 GB RAM. It contains, High-quality rendering, Virtual On-screen keypad, Save States, Turbo buttons, Fast forward / Slow down and Dropbox support.

Screenshot Image

4. RetroArch[Free]

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RetroArch is different from the other emulators on this list. It is a free, open-source and fully ad-free emulator.  Retroarch is a “multi-versatile program” to do anything you will require modular programs that are termed as “cores“. You have to go the ‘online update’ in-app and download from ‘core update’ in there. This application is filled with various features such as multiplayer, multi-language support, cheats and save states!

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3. John GBA lite[Free]

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It is the free version of the same emulator on rank 5 which comes with all the same features but contains ads. You can always purchase and make it ad-free.

2. MegaGBA

MegaGBA[2] Best GBA emulator for androidMegaGBA is added to the list of best GBA emulators solely based on the positive reviews even though it is new among GBA emulators. It accepts most of the file formats and gives a fast and smooth experience to the user. It is very simple to use with not many complex words. It also has the feature to autosave your game when you exit the app. It also supports cheats so feel free to use cheats in your games. The only downside is the ads, otherwise, it is good.

Screenshot Image

 1.My Boy! – GBA Emulator [PAID]

Myboy[1] Best gba emulator for android

My Boy! holds the deserving position of #1. I have used it for quite a long time and never faced any issue. This is the fastest emulator for android. It runs almost all the games with no issue and is compatible with most types of cheats[even multi-lined ones]. It also supports game saves at any time you like while also having the shortcuts for load/save.Screenshot Image

You can also change the size of all buttons on the controller in case you need else they are good to go. This also supports external controllers so you can enjoy the original feeling of pressing buttons. You can also create different screen-layout and key-mapping profiles an switch to them whenever you like

Best sites to download game ROMs for free

After a little bit of reading, you now know which app you need to play GBA titles. But there’s a problem yet to be solved. Where are you going to download the game itself from?

Well we got that covered for you too. Here are some trusted sites I use for downloading game ROMs at no cost :


Emuparadise is a popular site when it comes to downloading game ROMs. You can almost all game titles and not only GBA titles. Emuparadise also has N64 and NDS games and many other console-based games. ranks high when it comes to searches related to downloading “GBA” ROMs.  You can direct download from here all original GBA, GBC, NDS, N64, Playstation game titles and also some mods. They also do blog posts related to games and emulators usually which are fun reading.


I usually use this site for a long time did not face any issue. You can download game ROMs for most consoles. Also, Emulators for almost every indie and old game console are available on this site for OS like android, windows, macOS and others possible.

I hope this post was helpful to the readers. If there’s any help regarding anything feel free to comment, I will be looking forward to them. 

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